"A nice lawyer, a jolting car accident and a son embarrassed by his mother. Those are three elements of a tale from a woman who waited to enter a doughnut shop and found her life changed forever by a brain injury. 'It destroys lives and families,' says 43-year-old Lois McElravy of Great Falls, injured 11 years ago [1990] in a car accident. Richard Ecke, Great Falls Tribune Staff Writer "The Invisible Injury"

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"I have participated as an expert witness in over 100 medical malpractice cases. Among all of the lawyers I've worked with, Mike Barer is one of the very best."    Thomas Berger, M.D Practice Areas

"I am ever thankful for the legal advice that I received from Mike Barer. Not only do I consider him an outstanding lawyer but also a dear person. Mike is an advocate for medical assessment and the human condition. As my attorney, at the darkest time in my life, Mike encouraged me to go to therapy sessions when I didn't want to go and to keep appointments I did not think I needed. He made sure my financial needs were provided for and that financial resources would be set aside for my children to receive a college education. Today, almost 23 [1990] years later, my family is still intact and my health is improving due in part to my attorney, Mike Barer." Lois McElravy

"Knowing Mike for 30 plus years, you tend to have a sense of the true meaning of a solid, direct, understanding and compassionate friend. When there came a time that legal services were needed for my wife, Sheryl, Mike came through for us at a point in our lives where our world collapsed. Our verdict helped to pave the way for many others with the same type of injuries. I don't believe you could find a better man with as much honesty, knowledge and integrity as my friend, Mike Barer." Dick Quinn

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